Wednesday, 05 October 2011 15:18

Puppy - Block takes shape

A dream becomes a reality - but only with the support of a dedicated group of businessmen, ably led by Derick Moor (Moor group) and his colleagues. On Saturday the 1st October, this dedicated team of SPCA supporters arrived to begin the task of building from scratch, our puppy block.
Roland Fivaz, our Senior Inspector had worked out the design as used by the USA Humane shelter 
Puppies are highly suseptible to many airborne, contagious, diseases because their mothers have more often than not, never been vaccinated and the pups have no immunity to these often killer diseases, in spite of the care that they receive whilst with us in the kennels.

The idea of the isolation puppy block is so that we can adopt out healthy puppies, that do not become sick, within days of arriving in their new homes, as so often happens to shelter animals. The litters will all be kept seperately in their own unit, and anyone attending /handling/socialising them will be expected to use a disinfectant on themselves, as well as dipping their feet in a tray filled with disinfectant, before they enter each individual unit, so that they do not cross contaminate the puppies. The pups will still be vaccinated and dewormed before leaving the SPCA, and returned for sterilization at the required age as per the signed legally and binding, adoption contract.


The work party in action.





kennels Jan 2012 040



Our completed and very much used Puppy Block.. (1st project in October 2011)


To date, the contributors are (in no particular order)
Vijay from Van Damme Security – cash

Buyi from Saicom – cash

Coenraad & Son from Sign Factory – 23 bags of cement and the sponsorship board that’ll go up in the end, cold drinks and plenty negotiations

William from Builders Trade Depot – nice discounts on materials for the project

JP from Nico’s Supermarket – 10 bags of cement, equipment, bakkie etc

Lee-Anne from Sherlock Bookkeepers – 5 cubic meters of stone, which she sponsored and transported alone on her birthday

Jan & Annelize from JM Construction – sponsored the roof sheeting and labour

Inkhosi Zungu from ZKZ Sands – for the building sand

Goodman from SJ’s Home of Precast – discounted precast products

Liese from Hippo’s – collection of donations in Mtunzini

Andre from Garden ResQ – supplied a team, equipment and a truck to clean up the entire premises (extremely well)

Ujith & Raj from Bambanani Hardware for negotiations with suppliers, advice etc

Garth Holgate
for negotiations and advice
Moor Group
– paid for precast walls, refreshments, hot dogs (with JP’s kind help)
Moor Group
staff:  Thola, Egness, Lilian, Carna (and kids), Lungi (and husband), Tania, Lungi & Derick (and Buster)
Roland from the SPCA for his labour.  I saw him sweat with all of us, and I’m sure he’s also still stiff like the rest of us….

Moor Group team 1The Moor group team. Sept 2012 (2nd project)

Moor group team 2 tank
Our brand new diptank built by "The Moor group" and team volunteers.