Tuesday, 10 May 2011 19:00

Prosecution case - Snakes seized from sangoma

20/3/2011 - Roland Fivaz, Our Senior SPCA Inspector, had previously received complaints about reptiles being used by a Sangoma, snake worshipper, in contravention of the Animal protection Act, and was in the process of tracking him down, when a call came through from Kwamsane, near Mtuba, from the SAPS and State Vet, who were conducting roadblocks at a foot and mouth control boom.
The Burmese Python, and Yellow Anaconda were discovered in the closed boot of the vehicle on a day when the temperature in Zululand reached 44degrees.
On the 20th March 2011, The reptiles were seized and taken into safe custody, and a charge of cruelty to animals was opened and registered, at the SAPS..


Burmese Python - Seized from a Sangoma, neglected, dehydrated and parasite infected.


Yellow Anaconda - Seized from a Sangoma, neglected, dehydrated and parasite infected.

On the 9th May 2011 the accused was found guilty
by the magistrate, and received the following sentence, which proves that there is Justice for the Animals.
Sentenced to: R3000,00 fine; and a 6month jail sentence suspended for 5years. - He was also denied ownership of the reptiles as well as being denied ownership of any animal for a period of 5years.