Monday, 14 July 2008 11:52

Serving police officer admits guilt in animal cruelty case

Patrick Rampete admitted guilt to criminal charges laid against him relating to the horrific killing of a cat. This serving police officer with the rank of Sergeant was fined R2000.00 in the Potchefstroom Magistrates Court on Thursday 10 July 2008.

In front of his wife and two children, on 07 January 2008, Patrick Rampete poured fuel on a stray cat that had entered his accommodation in the police married quarters. This was witnessed by three additional persons who came forward.
The cat did not die. Patrick Ramepte then obtained more fuel, poured it over the cat and set it alight until it died. He testified that he was teaching the cat a lesson for entering his property.

To the best of the knowledge of Inspector/Manager Danie Heenop of the SPCA Potchefstroom, Sgt Rampete remains on active police duty.

The affidavit of SPCA Inspector Heenop motivated that if found guilty or if admitting guilt, Sgt Rampete be removed from active police duty. The Chairman of the SPCA Potchefstroom has undertaken to write to the station commander of the SAPS in Potchefstroom to motivate that an officer with a criminal conviction for animal cruelty should not remain on duty or even be employed in the police service.

Superintendent Jacobs of the SAPS Potchefstroom indicated to the local SPCA that this matter would be treated in a serious light.