Friday, 22 August 2008 13:31

Rumours, myths and lies put to rest

The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) issues an official statement in the light of continued e-mails and Internet "blogs" which contain inaccurate, misleading and inflammatory claims or statements relating to our organisation. The facts are: -
  • The SPCA in South Africa is not closing down. Meaningful financial support is required so that all SPCAs can operate at full capacity.
  • SPCAs receive funding from LOTTO.
  • No income from government has ever been received. Our main sources of income are legacies and donations from the public and corporates.
  • The NSPCA did not initiate the e-mail petition claiming the SPCA is closing down. We have constantly distanced ourselves from it and we do not initiate or support online petitions.
  • Neither the NSPCA nor any individual SPCA has received any communication from government or any other sources relating to a "clean-up of strays" prior to the 2010 soccer World Cup. Sterilisation campaigns and outreach projects are undertaken to address the root of the problem in a humane manner.
  • Payments to individual SPCAs from Municipalities are not grants but payments for services rendered in terms of Pound regulations, including the collection and housing of stray animals or the enforcement of by-laws relating to animals.
  • SPCAs are not paid per animal euthanased. The only payments relating to euthanasia are from owners in terms of the prescribed almoning system.
  • Pet adoption fees are prescribed and do not relate to the breed of animal. The fee covers procedures including sterilisation.
  • In terms of Act 169 of 1993 ("The SPCA Act"), each adoption must include a pre-home check and annual post-home follow-up check. A legally binding agreement is entered into and signed by both parties whenever an adoption takes place.

The current insults to SPCA personnel, hate-mail directed at NSPCA staff and calls to boycott the SPCA movement serve no purpose other than to hamper efforts to assist animals. The SPCA has locus standi on behalf of animals and is the largest animal welfare organisation in South Africa, enforcing over 90% of animal welfare legislation.

The public is assured of our accountability, our commitment to the service of animals and our unconditional undertaking to continue this work. We formally state that the SPCA movement is an animal welfare organisation not animal rights.

Our dearest wish is that our resources of manpower and finance can be directed to assisting animals rather than being diverted to respond to inaccurate, malicious or divisive accusations.