Friday, 24 October 2008 10:36

Fireworks 2008

The fireworks season is approaching. SPCAs dread this time of the year. The suffering, trauma and frequently injuries to animals are preventable. 

The opposition of the SPCA movement to fireworks cannot be linked to anything other than our commitment to prevent cruelty to animals. The SPCA movement is apolitical.

Guy Fawkes (not FOX!) has no place in the history of South Africa and should be relegated to where it belongs – colonial history. It is the firm opinion of the NSPCA that people "celebrating" on this date have scant idea what is commemorated. It has become an excuse for using fireworks.
Laws and by-laws relating to fireworks are watertight. The issue is lack of enforcement. We refer to the illegal importation of fireworks, illegal trading and sales, including at traffic lights by hawkers and the illegal discharge of fireworks. This includes setting off fireworks at times and in places where this is prohibited plus "pranks" – often dangerous activities with dire or even tragic consequences.

The onus should not be placed upon animal owners. They are doing no wrong. Animal owners have responsibilities to keep their animals safe.

The effects of fireworks extend beyond domestic animals. It is nesting time. Horses, wild animals, small reptiles (they pick up vibrations) can all be affected.

An urgent and heartfelt appeal is made for responsibility and for the law and local by-laws to be strictly enforced.