Friday, 28 November 2008 13:02

Qurbani (Eid-Ul-Adha) 2008

The National Council of SPCAs, on behalf of the SPCA movement in South Africa, extends good wishes to all our citizens of the Islamic faith who will be celebrating or partaking in Qurbani which begins this year on 08 December. This festival is celebrated annually and involves the slaughter or sacrifice of animals for religious reasons. Indications from previous years suggest to the NSPCA that an estimated 750 000 animals may be slaughtered in South Africa over the Qurbani period. Animals slaughtered would include sheep, goats and cows.  
The NSPCA appeals to the Moslem community: - “In the spirit of Islam, we appeal to all who partake in Qurbani that animals are handled with respect and compassion.”
The monitoring of Qurbani will take place throughout South Africa by most SPCAs. This includes manner of transportation and holding of the animals plus checking premises and facilities. The NSPCA will have monitoring teams at various sites where sacrificial slaughter will take place. The general response from the Moslem community has been accommodating and courteous.
It is gratefully acknowledged that in some areas, pre-stunning of animals takes place. In other areas, there were reports during the previous Qurbani that slaughtering took place “formally”: - that is, at abattoirs. This is appreciated.
The SPCA movement encourages pre-stunning of all animals before slaughter and would like to see this become the norm, not the exception. The same standards apply to ALL types of slaughter: - religious, traditional, cultural and tribal.
Appreciation is also expressed for the growing number of Moslems who choose to donate money “in lieu” of a literal sacrifice.
The Laws of South Africa do not conflict with the Qur’an.
The Animals Protection Act No 71 of 1962 applies to all killings of animals. That is, all religious slaughter, traditional or ceremonial slaughter plus procedures at registered and illegal abattoirs. No single community or religious belief is being or has ever been singled out.
It is noted that “speculators” tend to stock up on animals prior to Qurbani and sell them for slaughter. Any concerns including roadside sales, transportation or pre-Qurbani “holding” of animals may be reported for investigation. Please see for contact details of the NSPCA and all SPCAs in South Africa.