Monday, 09 February 2009 17:41

February 2009

1)  A stray dog managed to enter a property in Thrush Rd Empangeni on Sunday 8/2/09. It tried to fight with the dogs on the property. The dog was taken to the SPCA. This morning 9/2/09, it was found to be disorientated, howling, and could not swallow. It was attacking the kennel gate. The dog was put down.
The result is POSITIVE

2) 10/2/2009 - A young crossbreed, nguni, type dog was collected from Woodland Park in Empangeni after it ran into the property and took on a bull terrier.
The dog was very badly injured by the bull terrier, but still put up a fight. It was put down.
The result is POSITIVE.

3) (Feb 2009) - A family dog from Ngwelezane township in Empangeni was taken to the Zululand Vet after displaying strange behaviour and symptoms. The dog was euthanazed.
The result is POSITIVE.

4) (16 Feb 2009) -  Numerous complaints were received about a stray, male, black, crossbreed dog that has been living in the Cassia Rd, Empangeni, area for a few weeks. Finally the dog was darted today and caught by the SPCA.  A number of people have expressed concern about the possibility of rabies. The animal was in a very neglected and bad condition, disorientated and weak - marks on the dog were consistent with bite/fighting wounds. It had been seen fighting with other dogs. After inquiring from people living in the area, no owner could be found. The dog appeared to be abandoned and was living off scraps and water from a drain.
The very neglected dog was put down - It did not have rabies.

5)  (23 Feb 09) - A light brown male Nguni type dog was found in a terrible condition off Gemini Rd this morning. The dog had many bitewounds on it. It was seen fighting with dogs through the fences along Gemini and Sigma Rd. It was very thin, malnourished and couldn't walk properly.  It eventually colapsed and fell into a manhole - The SPCA managed to get it out.
The results are negative