Saturday, 28 February 2009 16:20

March 2009

1)  3/03/09 - A Stray, Brown, X-breed, Nguni type, female dog in an awful condition was picked up by an SPCA volunteer, on 28/2/09, Saturday morning, outside St Catherines School in Higgs Rd Empangeni. The dog was brought to the SPCA and appeared to be very calm and gentle. She allowed Sarah to brush her and she even took food from a hand.
However on Sunday afternoon her temperament changed and she became extremely aggressive; broke out of her kennel and charged at everything. She then went on to try and attack a staff member on the foot. The dog was put down. The person who picked her up is undergoing anti-rabies treatment, as she had an open cut on her hand, and the dog had been salivating when she picked it up..
The rabies result is Positive..
2)  6/3/09 - A young stray cat has bitten a lady on the hand after she tried to catch it. The cat was quite aggressive and was found hiding in a shrub.
The woman is having post-exposure treatment at the local clinic.
We do not expect the result to be positive, but the brain will be tested as a precaution.
(No chances can be taken after the awful experience in which Sue Dafel died of rabies in January 2007 after being bitten by a stray cat on her farm in Empangeni)
The result is negative...