Thursday, 16 April 2009 23:09

April 2009

1. 15/4/09 -  A suspect dog from Macekane Reserve Empangeni, was brought in by the owner after it showed signs of "a bone in the throat" It then began the typical howling and circling. Even though these are all signs of rabies, the owner was not convinced that his dog was sick!
The rabies result is Positive..

2. 21/4/09 -  A wild stray cat that bit a person in his property in Cassia Rd Empangeni.
The result is negative

3)  A  stray dog from Bhukunana rural area, was wandering aimlessly down the road. A lady stopped to pick it up and it bit her very badly on her finger and hand. The dog was in a terrible condition and was displaying signs of rabies.
Result is negative