Saturday, 11 July 2009 11:26

July 2009

1.  10/7/09 - A stray dog in a terrible condition was noticed wandering aimlessly next to Empangeni Milling. The dog was not able to be caught and eventually wobbled into the road where it was hit by a vehicle.
The SPCA assisted and picked the dog up. Due to it's condition and injuries it was put down - It was displaying rabies symptoms howling, salivating,
The results are negative...

2. 13/7/09 - A pet mountain goat belonging to a couple living on a farm outside of Empangeni was brought to us today. The goat had started strange behaviour on Saturday. Afraid of the dog barking; listless; disorientated; back legs becoming paralysed; could not eat or drink and salivating. The goat had been attacked by a pig displaying aggressive and strange symptoms about 2 weeks ago.
The animal has been sent for testing.
Results are negative..

3.  18/07/2009 - A stray dog came onto Etten Farm in Nkwalini near Empangeni. The dog was aggressive and began fighting with the farm dogs through a fence.
One of the farmer's dogs pulled the stray dog through a fence and killed it.
The stray has been sent for rabies testing
The results are Positive