Thursday, 27 August 2009 16:38

August 2009

1. 25/8/09 -  A stray dog in a pitiful condition was picked up in Heatonville near Dube Ridge. The dog was dragging itself along the dirt road, when a passerby called us.
When contained in the cage it began howling and biting and pulling at the cage door - the mouth was hanging open.
Results are Positive

2.  28/8/09 - A dog belonging to a man from Quoleni reserve came to call us when his dog became unmanageable - The dog was disorientated, howling and could not eat or drink. It wanted to bite everyone.
No history of vaccinations could be confirmed.
Results are negative.

3.  A positive rabies case from a jack russell pet dog, was confirmed on Cactus farm Empangeni. This particular farm is
right next door to the SPCA and there was no excuse for any animal to not have been vaccinated.