Saturday, 05 February 2011 15:30

February 2011

Case No: 4 (4/02/2011) -  Vulindlela 
A stray dog from the Vulindlela area near the University of Zululand was brought in to the Zululand Vet Hospital showing signs of rabies. It had not been vaccinated against rabies.
It was euthanased and it tested positive for rabies.
This is the fourth positive rabies case this year - the first one for February 2011, in the Uthungulu District.

Case No: 5 (18/2/2011) -  Vulindlela
A second dog from Vulindlela (University of Zululand) has tested positive for rabies.

Case No: 6
A dog was shot on a farm south of Mtunzini over the weekend. Nobody and no dogs were bitten (as far as anyone can find out).
The dog tested positive for rabies.