Monday, 07 March 2011 15:12

March 2011

  • Positive rabies -  March cases for Uthungulu District
Case No 7: (7/03/2011)
A calf tested positive for rabies. It came from the Mbongolwane area near Eshowe.
It was salivating, not eating, pushing at objects and bellowing constantly.

Case No: 8
A positive rabies case has been found in a dog from the Nxamalala, Enkandla area in the Umlalazi Municipality.

Case No 9
: (29/3/2011) for Uthungulu.
A positive case of rabies has been found in a stray dog in the Osungulweni Reserve - Umlalazi District.
There are no reported contacts. The dog was biting other dogs and chickens and objects and howling.

Case No 10:

A stray dog was found in Empangeni (west) Oxland Rd, near Police station. It was taken in by the SPCA because of strange behaviour and when it became aggressive and snapped at objects it was euthanased.