Thursday, 07 April 2011 16:36

April 2011

Positive rabies cases for April 2011

Case No: 11
(5/04/11)  for Uthungulu.
Another positive case of rabies. A stray dog on a farm in the Heatonville area was shot. It showed unusual behaviour. There were  no human contacts.
The one old maxim is that - if a wild animal becomes tame or a tame animal becomes wild - be careful, it could be rabies.

Case No: 12
(28/4/2011) Umhlathuze
A stray dog attacked and bit a lady on her ankle, after it ran into her yard in President Swart Rd Empangeni. The dog has tested Positive for rabies.
The lady is currently undergoing anti-rabies treatment.(She began treatment on the day of the bite)

Case No: 13
(30/4/2011) for Uthungulu
A dog owned by a family from Somopho reserve outside of Empangeni, has tested positve for rabies.