Saturday, 25 June 2011 12:48

June 2011

Positive rabies case No14  (message from the state Vet Dr Blignaut)
A positive case was found in ESHOWE town. The result came out on Friday 27th. The dog had been shot on the 12th and the sample sent on the 13th.
Fortunately no people were affected by this dog.
Unfortunately it had fought with a number of other dogs.
A resident shot the rabid dog.

Positive rabies case No.15  
Uthungulu in 2011
This is the 15th case of rabies in the district of Uthungulu in 2011.
A goat was tested positive for rabies. 
It was from the Mbongolwane area - between Eshowe and the Tugela river.
It showed the following symptoms:: Head butting other goats, Biting and eating stones, It lost its fear of humans.
(A change of behaviour is  - characteristic of rabies).

Positive rabies case no. 16  - for Uthungulu District
The SPCA Empangeni picked up a case in NGWELEZANE last week.
It tested positive for rabies.
The dog couldn't swallow and there was some strange behaviour and then it died at home.
This sounds more like a dumb type rabies in which case the normal aggressive behaviour did not happen.

Positive Rabies no. 17 for 2011 - for Uthungulu District
A stray dog fighting with domestic dogs in the streets of MTUNZINI 
It showed typical rabies symptoms of aggression and attacking strange objects.
Dr Craig Pryke euthanased the dog.
As far as known - no humans were bitten by the dog.
The dogs that were attacked have been taken to the vet for booster vaccinations, and were previously vaccinated as well.

Number 18 positive rabies case in Uthungulu District
A rabid dog was found in ESHOWE It was aggressive and showed typical rabies signs.
It was attacking dogs and chickens.- The dog was destroyed by a farmer.
No humans were involved - as far as we know...