Monday, 09 January 2012 20:38

Rabies cases for Uthungulu district - January 2012

Positive rabies cases from January 2012 onwards:
1). Rabies case 1 for 2012 in Uthungulu Empangeni District:
A dog was found to be positive with rabies on a farm about 16km north of Empangeni.The stray dog was very aggressive. It attacked the owner's dogs. It was salivating excessively. There were no human contacts as far as is known. The dogs in the area will be vaccinated this week by Statevet personnel.

Rabies case number 2 for 2012
2.) 17/01/ 2012 - MTUNZINI TOLL PLAZA: Some tourists from Gauteng picked up the stray near the Mtunzini Toll Plaza and brought it to the Richards Bay SPCA. The first day it seemed to be normal but the next day it stopped eating and drinking, it howled the typical rabies howl, it was aggressive and bit one person, it bit the cage and was disoriented.

Rabies case 3 for 2012 for Uthungulu District
3)  26/01/2012 - KwaMthethwa area - inland from Kwambonambi.
The Richards Bay SPCA was called out to look at a dog that was confused and disorientated. It was also covered in bite marks. The dog was euthanased and found to be positive for rabies.
There were no human contacts as far as is known.
Plans for the mass rabies vaccination campaign are proceeding and the start at Ngwelezana area will be 5th March 2012 - slowly moving to Eshowe by month-end.
The KwaMthethwa area will be getting attention later in the year.

 Rabies cases 4 and 5
30/01/2012 -
4a) ESHOWE: KwaKhoza Reserve in the Eshowe district.
A dog was found to be positive. It had been aggressive, attacking other dogs and humans, salivating and howling. It had bitten the owner - who is receiving treatment.
4 b) ESHOWE: KwaSqwanjana Reserve in the Eshowe district
A cow found to be positive for rabies.
It showed the following signs: aggressive, salivating, bellowing, change of behaviour, not eating or grazing but drinking water!
As far as is known there were no human contacts.
The animals in the affected areas will be vaccinated this week.
The mass rabies vaccination campaign will start on the 5th March 2012.