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With the increasingly high positive cases of rabies in dogs, we would like to make you aware of the symptoms of rabies and what to look out for, particularly when dealing with what may appear to be a stray dog.

The dog may have very weak hindquarters and it would appear to have" been hit by a car". The other symptom is the slack or locked open jaw and a person may think that there is a "bone lodged in the throat". The dog also makes awful howling/crowing noises and tries to bite at imaginary objects or wire fences.

Should you come across a dog that is displaying any of these symptoms, please DO NOT attempt to approach it yourself. Call a suitable qualified person who will be able to remove the animal and handle it correctly. Such as the Traffic Nuisance Officer, State Vet technician, SAPS

All dogs and cats need to be vaccinated twice in their first year and thereafter once every year in K.Z.N. This is compulsory by Law. Most other provinces only vaccinate every 3 years. Please make sure, if you are coming into K.Z.N, that your animals rabies vaccinations are up to date -

It is your responsibility
Rabies is a killer disease that is also transmitted to humans and must never be taken lightly.
There is a hefty fine for having an un-vaccinated dog or cat in Empangeni and Richards Bay (uMhlathuze) applicable in terms of our municipal by-laws. R1500.00 for an un-vaccinated animal!!

All people who have been in contact with rabid dogs will have to undergo anti-rabies treatment at the community clinic. They will have to have 5 vaccinations each over a 28 day period. All of this at a very costly price to the tax payer who "foots the bill".

If every person who owned an animal was responsible enough to see that their pet was vaccinated, once every year without fail, we would not be sitting with the unacceptably high positive cases of rabies that we have within our community.

The majority of positive cases come from ordinary "domestic pets" whose owner's failed in their duty to see that their dogs were vaccinated.

There is NO excuse for not vaccinating your pet.
You can have your animal vaccinated at the SPCA in Empangeni throughout the year between 8 - 1 pm weekdays and 9 - 12 Saturdays. It is your responsibility to bring the animal to us - Not ours to go to you. Do to our workload, at the kennels as well as complaints to deal with, we are unable to do callouts for rabies vaccinations.

Rabies is a state function and not the SPCA's
Any person who has been in contact with a suspected rabid animal must please go to their nearest community health facility, clinic or government hospital for free treatment.

If you choose to go to a private hospital or private doctor for treatment, you will have to pay for it yourself. Some medical aids do pay but you will need to get authorization first.

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